The company Sestema is an international space consulting company created by group of independent consultants with participation of the leading Scientific Research Institutes.

Primary goals of the company — is to simplify project implementation related to the peaceful uses of outer space, as well as to promote the use of space technologies in various fields.

The main sphere of interests:
• implementation of space data from different international operators;
• preparation and conduct of specialized courses in the field of space activities at any level;
• legal assessment of the contractual relations in the field of space activities;
• creation of scientific space systems for national universities;
• design of observatories;
• creation of telescopic systems and software providing for them;
• modernization and repair of ground receiving stations of different production.

The company Sestema successfully applies remote sensing data to solve the issues in the following areas:
• Mapping
• Agriculture
• Protection of Nature
• Forestry
• Searching of minerals
• Emergency situations
• Ecology
• Geophysics
• Geology and Mining
• Water Industry
• Oil and gas complex

The main principle of the company is openness to cooperation and collaboration with different companies specialized in the field of space activities and advanced technologies. Based on this principle, Sestema is implementing partner program, inviting for participation the most advanced groups and organizations, interested in the acquisition and use of remote sensing data, as well as in the implementation of large-scale mutually beneficial projects.

The company Sestema successfully cooperates with leading companies and enterprises of oil and gas, energy, telecommunication, transport, agroindustrial, forestry and other sectors of the economy.