Currently, Sestema offers the service of in orbit security for spacecrafts based on optical telescopes network that covers all longitudes around the globe.

Measurements of the amount of space debris is carried along the geostationary orbit. The results are systematized in a catalog of space objects.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • improving the use of motion patterns;
  • determining the probable sources of the formation of detected objects;
  • verification of existing models of space debris distribution;
  • assessment of the danger posed by the spacecraft fragments in orbit, in present and in future;
  • an overview of the geostationary orbit;
  • exploration of weak fragments;
  • observation of bright objects on target indications;
  • photometric observation satellites.

The functioning of the network provides:

  • group of planning observations and analysis of measurement;
  • group of technical and software support;
  • group of automated optical telescopes and automatic mounts production;
  • group of observation technologies;
  • group of hardware-software complex creation based on optical telescopes to monitor space objects in Earth orbits.