Problems with environmental pollution does not end in the world – they are also in space. Thousands of tons of spent rocket parts and satellites, wandering fragments of space debris now are circling around our planet at an incredible speed, and their volume is growing every year.

Since the beginning of the space age there were more than 4900 launches – more than 6600 satellites have been launched into orbit. Of these, 3,600 are in orbit, and only 1,000 of them are functioning normally.

The total amount of space debris nowadays:

30,000 wreckage more than 10 centimeters

670000 debris more than 1 centimeters

170 million debris more than 1 millimeter

At present, the density of space debris in orbit is increasing annually by 4%. There are many projects on how to collect and to prevent space debris, but none of these have not implemented yet. Thus monitoring and control of outer space with the help of high-precision telescopes is a necessary and effective method of preventing and collision avoidance, operational spacecraft with space debris.

At the moment, our company cooperates with more than 20-observatories and observation points in different parts of the world, with the aim of space surveillance to create in orbit security of the spacecraft and to maintain the catalog of space objects.