Space law

Company’s team consists of experts in space law, with experience of more than 15 years, cooperating with the leading space countries.

Based on the experience and knowledge of experts of the International Space Law Center, the company has formed the training course “Space law”. The main purpose of “Space Law” course – to share the experience of experts and to prevent errors that may entail serious material damage and other negative consequences, resulting from lack of knowledge in the field of international space law.

After completing the course “Space law”, listeners shall possess both basic and advanced knowledge in the field of international space law.

Program of the basic course “Space law”:

  1. The concept, subjects and sources of international space law.
  2. The international legal regime of outer space and celestial bodies.
  3. The international legal status of space objects.
  4. The international legal status of astronauts and space crews.
  5. International legal bases to prevent technogenic space debris.
  6. International Liability for damage caused by space objects.

Enhanced / specialized course “Space law”:

Developed individually according to the needs of students, depending on their tasks.

During training, students receive unique educational tools, tailored to the characteristics of the international legal regime of outer space. The manuals include theoretical material, control testing, and also a list of literature for self-study.